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Why 1-on-1 Tutoring is the best you can do for you kid?
In the 80s a renowned educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom made a breakthrough scientific discovery 🧐 .
He found a way to drastically improve student performance, helping average students perform better than 98% 😱 of their “traditional classroom” contemporaries.
The secret? 1-on-1 tutoring ☝️ where each student is provided with a personal tutor who guides them through their learning, unlocking the individual student’s potential on an ongoing basis and ensuring they truly “get” the subject.
At MathOn 💡 we are committed to make 1-on-1 tutoring simple and accessible to as many families as possible.
Our Tutors
MathOn tutors are carefully selected by our multi stage process. We only hire tutors with previous teaching experience and relevant educational background. All teachers go through ID verification process.
Jessica S.
Math teacher for 5 years
About tutor
Jessica has successfully taught algebra, geometry, and calculus to students of different grade levels. Jessica's teaching methods focus on building conceptual understanding and developing critical thinking skills in math. She has guided numerous students in preparing for math competitions and standardized tests, witnessing remarkable improvements in their math scores.
Alex R.
Math teacher for 6 years
About tutor
Alex is a highly qualified math tutor with a passion for education. With 6 years of experience, he has tailored his teaching methods to suit individual needs. Alex specializes in advanced mathematics, including trigonometry and calculus, and he excels in breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps.
David M.
Math teacher for 8 years
About tutor
David is a versatile math tutor with 8 years of experience in various educational settings. He has successfully taught a wide range of math subjects, including algebra, geometry, and calculus. He has helped many students prepare for math competitions and achieve exceptional results.
Rachel A.
Math teacher for 9 years
About tutor
Rachel is a passionate math tutor with 9 years of experience, specialising in algebra and trigonometry. She believes in building a strong foundation in math fundamentals and uses creative teaching methods to make learning math enjoyable. Rachel's patient and empathetic approach allows her to connect with students and address their individual learning needs effectively.
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I highly recommend this exceptional online math school, especially with Tutor Nick's invaluable guidance, to parents seeking remarkable progress in their child's algebraic journey. Through personalized and tailored lessons, my child's understanding has blossomed, and their confidence has soared. Tutor Nick's expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on my child's progress in algebra.
Healther Bennit
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